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I've written two novels since my retirement in 2008. The first is a romance, Songs of Sadness, Songs of Love. The second is an action/mysteryThe China-Africa Parallax: A Ryan and Gillian Mystery.

Among the textbooks I have written areLinguistics for L2 Teachers, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2001; and Language Exploration and Awareness: A Resource Book for Teachers, 3rd edition, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2006. This textbook was translated into Korean by Pagijong Press, Seoul, South Korea. 2010.

I am presently writing my third Ryan and Gillian novel, The Nathan Culper Brotherhood. You can follow my progress on novel #3 here at this blog site.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013




A name may be arbitrary
But once given it's very
Specific. Ruth is always Ruth
And by personal linguistic truth
Ruth looks and acts like a Ruth.

Onomastics or toponymy tell
The names of Mayflower fares as well:
Love Brewster and Humility Cooper
Helped ease the way for a colonist suitor
To marry a Virtue, not just any souter. 

Constance, Desire and Remember;
Each woman a charter member
At Plymouth colony. A common trope,
Those Virtue eponyms that cope.
A pilgrim can persevere with Hope.

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