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I've written two novels since my retirement in 2008. The first is a romance, Songs of Sadness, Songs of Love. The second is an action/mysteryThe China-Africa Parallax: A Ryan and Gillian Mystery.

Among the textbooks I have written areLinguistics for L2 Teachers, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2001; and Language Exploration and Awareness: A Resource Book for Teachers, 3rd edition, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2006. This textbook was translated into Korean by Pagijong Press, Seoul, South Korea. 2010.

I am presently writing my third Ryan and Gillian novel, The Nathan Culper Brotherhood. You can follow my progress on novel #3 here at this blog site.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hard Work


              Hard Work

It’s hellacious work out in the
Extremities of the weather.
When exhales become
Frozen, defined shapes, that’s cold!
It’s killer work when arms,
Protruding from their florescent
Orange or yellow bibs, shine like
They’ve been polished by an invisible
Kiwi or Esquire spirit.

Roberto Clemente
            Made hard look easy.
That’s what artists do.

Tote that barge,
Lift that bale,
You load 16 tons
Workin’ on a chain gang.
With Big Bad John or John Henry,
Working hard is heroic. With
Samson, however, it’s suicide.

Are you working hard?
            Hardly workin’;
Working hard at staying out of hard work.

Trying to use a new
Language is grueling. You
Get tang-toungled. Or tu
Is used when ustedes should
Be. Even in the Mother
Tongue it’s rigorous
Work to stare at the screen, or
Out the window and then

Attempt to frame an idea with words.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Viagra for the Brain

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Reflections On a Gift of Watermelon Pickle

Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle 

Received from a Friend Called Felicity

During that summer
When unicorns were still possible;
When the purpose of knees
Was to be skinned;
When shiny horse chestnuts
    (Hollowed out
    Fitted with straws
    Crammed with tobacco
    Stolen from butts
    In family ashtrays)
Were puffed in green lizard silence
While straddling thick branches
Far above and away
From the softening effects
Of civilization;
During that summer--
Which may never have been at all;
But which has become more real
Than the one that was--
Watermelons ruled.
Thick imperial slices
Melting frigidly on sun-parched tongues
Dribbling from chins;
Leaving the best part,
The black bullet seeds,
To be spit out in rapid fire
Against the wall
Against the wind
Against each other;
And when the ammunition was spent,
There was always another bite:
It was a summer of limitless bites,
Of hungers quickly felt
And quickly forgotten
With the next careless gorging.
The bites are fewer now.
Each one is savored lingeringly,
Swallowed reluctantly.
But in a jar put up by Felicity,
The summer which maybe never was
Has been captured and preserved.
And when we unscrew the lid
And slice off a piece
And let it linger on our tongue:
Unicorns become possible again.
John Tobias