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Among the textbooks I have written areLinguistics for L2 Teachers, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2001; and Language Exploration and Awareness: A Resource Book for Teachers, 3rd edition, Mahwah, NJ, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 2006. This textbook was translated into Korean by Pagijong Press, Seoul, South Korea. 2010.

I am presently writing my third Ryan and Gillian novel, The Nathan Culper Brotherhood. You can follow my progress on novel #3 here at this blog site.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Susan, The Giver

      Susan, the Giver

The pictures of our past
Capture the vast
Panorama of my family life
They sum up both the strifes
And joys between frames.

But the future remains crap games,
Each roll of the dice a random
Toss. There’s no memorandum
Or preview giving a hint of woulda
Shoulda, or what might have coulda.

 Our family biography of what was,
Has been recorded; it’s set
With the exception of a coronet
Or tiara for someone to wear when
They were cast  as wise men

Or some king or queen of this or that.
What has happened to us in that past
We look at is the only time
We actually know. Tomorrow’s prime
Or ordinary times are Ready, Set

But no Go with the family bio; Not yet,
Those chapters have lost a major
Member, one of the stars, who, I’ll wager,
Would be, true to history, Susan the Nurterer,
The Builder, the Girder; Susan, the Giver.

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